Pediatric cancer conference National Assembly - 05 mai 2021

At the National Assembly (via ZOOM), in the presence of dozens of elected officials, many associations and researchers around research, prevention, help for families of sick children, victims of a life ...
Even if we were not, this time, at the National Assembly but by videoconference, this colloquium launched by Growing Up Without Cancer & Eva for Life was just as effective. And a bearer of hope for sick children, victims of an accident of life, as well as for families who deserve to be protected.

The introduction made by Laurianne Rossi was clear and fair: since 2018, we have obtained progress, the vote of a dedicated fund of 5M € / year, the mourning law, progress on the AJPP. But we must go further, put in the means really necessary for research, simplify access to assistance for families, create the status of protected parent. Obviously, Laurianne, who is very active in the fight against endocrine disruptors (she initiated from the start of her term of office work which allowed the vote of a "plastic-free canteen" amendment, shares our expectations in terms of prevention, environmental health.

Then we broached the following topics:

- an unstoppable report presented by Stéphane Vedrenne (Eva pour la vie) detailing the projects supported thanks to the 5M € / year dedicated to oncopediatric research , recalling that many well rated by international experts had not been funded in 2020, and that general calls for projects do not work for pediatric cancers. Several researchers shared these observations by evoking their experience, by sharing our observations: research on pediatric cancers is much less sustained than that relating to cancers "in number".

- The CEO of Paediatis, with 20 years of experience in large industries , has shown that it is possible to create a pediatric drug company, favoring public-private agreements. An initiative without equivalent in France, which required personal sacrifices and which deserves to be supported.

- Then Elise Quurez, Fabrice Subirada and Pascaline Meyer (Le Sourire de Lucie) addressed a subject dear to families: prevention & environmental health . Elisabeth Toutut Picard and Sandrine Josso discussed the work and perspectives of the commission of inquiry dedicated to these subjects, which we support

- Finally, Jessica Baba (LEA), Elise Quurez and Stéphanie Ville (Aidons Marina) discussed social issues: information, simplification of access to state aid for families of seriously ill children or victims of 'an accident of life . As well as the creation of a status of protected parent for the families concerned with regard to housing, employment and tax debts. A flash mission driven by Paul Christophe shares our conclusions. Actions associating the public force and the private sector must succeed!

We saw a particularly strong reality during this event: elected officials such as François Ruffin, Jean-Christophe Lagarde, Paul Christophe, Sandrine Josso, Laurianne Rossi, Elisabeth Toutut Picard, Michel Lauzzana, Sereine Mauborgne and many others ... share our expectations . Intelligent, human, concrete exchanges, with a lot of determination.

We hope that, through this conference, we will have convinced the representatives of the ministries to give priority to these subjects, which speak of the lives of children, of the lives of families, which therefore represent a choice of society (in the same way as other aids. social, Mr Lagarde indicating that we do not worry about the cost of the RSA, we do it rightly so that people can avoid ending up on the street, hungry).

The State has made considerable efforts, and rightly so, to protect businesses, the elderly ... from COVID19. Asking for less effort (a few tens of millions of euros for the whole) is not a requirement, just common sense, for our children, for the very balance of our society.
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