Investigation: shocking bank charges following the death of a child - 10 mai 2022

Several families have alerted us to a shocking practice: after the death of a child, some banks charge "file fees" to close their savings account, sometimes referring to inheritance costs. Faced with this situation, we have decided, on the one hand, to alert the media, and on the other hand, to carry out a major investigation...
A mother who lost her 8-year-old son alerts Eva for life to a shocking situation: the parents had opened an A booklet for their child, put some money on it and... when the child died, La Banque Postale has decided to deduct 138 euros as "expenses for opening an inheritance file". What's more, it took more than a year for the bank to transfer the funds to her, which she had herself saved for the future of her child.

At first, one may think of an error. The livret A of a dependent minor is like any account under the responsibility of the parents. Deposits, withdrawals and closure cannot be charged, according to the law. Moreover, as long as he is a dependent minor, the property rights of the child are exercised by his parents. Invoicing file fees for the opening of a succession when it comes to a young child seems very unjustified. Even if the banks believe they are within their rights.
In addition to this particular situation (which has been resolved, the bank having decided to "make a commercial gesture" for this family), hundreds of families are punctured in the same way each year.

This is why we decided, with Eva, for life , to deepen the study of the extent of the problem in order to raise the awareness of the banks on the one hand, and the public authorities on the other. With one objective: that it is no longer possible to charge such costs to families facing such an ordeal.

We invite you, if you are concerned, to complete this form, after having checked on the last bank statement in the name of your child whether or not fees had been applied. Your testimony is, as always, essential to make things happen, with our comrades from the federation Grandir Sans Cancer.

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