INCa pediatric cancer task force

At the instigation of Eva pour la vie and member associations of the Grandir Sans Cancer federation - of which we are co-founders - the Minister of Research Frédérique Vidal granted at the end of 2018 a fund of 5 million euros / year dedicated to basic research on pediatric cancers. Although this envelope is insufficient (the missing needs being evaluated at 15-20 M € / year), it is a first step to be reinforced. We are regularly invited by institutions: ministry of research, ministry of health, deputies, senators, INCa ...

At the request of the Minister of Research, a Task Force led by INCa was created at the end of 2018. It brings together 3 groups of parents' associations, including the GRANDIR SANS CANCER federation (which has the particularity of being at 100 % volunteer, just like Eva for life). This makes it possible to discuss the needs of basic research in pediatric oncology and to share the areas to be financed with the annual budget granted by the Ministry of Research.

This working
group made it possible to launch new calls for projects on:

- the international mobility of young researchers
data sharing in pediatric oncology
- the causes and origins of pediatric cancers
- so-called breakthrough projects: "high risk, high gain"

Our association plays a very active role during these meetings, it also assists (as a representative of families) in scientific evaluation committees.

While noting that dedicated funding makes it possible to support quality research projects, we regret that many teams well evaluated by international experts are not funded. Likewise, several additional research projects deserve to be launched to better fight against childhood cancer. The funding allocated is indeed too insufficient to allow this.

Note that Eva pour la vie (just like Growing Up Without Cancer) does not benefit from any subsidy or remuneration from INCa , our wish being to remain 100% independent from this organization, and to intervene for the sole benefit of sick children and their families.

The reports (working group, task force and notes) are posted on the website of Grandir Sans Cancer.