Application for emergency financial assistance

Eva pour la vie supports the families of sick or deceased children , to finance the costs inherent in the illness (travel, care, etc.) or the death of the child. This aid responds to a real need that affects all social strata of the population, and in particular single mothers.

Serious illness of the child: state aid

Are you the parent(s) of a disabled, seriously ill or injured child and you find yourself having to reduce or stop your professional activity, or your job search? Several aids exist to limit financial complications. Everything from the horizon with our practical advice...

Directory of parents' homes

Families of children of sick children sometimes live far from the children's hospital. This is particularly common for pediatric oncology, the various departments only existing in large cities. While it is often possible for a single parent to sleep near their child, some services do not allow this. In addition, the 2 parents or even the siblings must be able to be present in these difficult times. Hospital reception houses offer an economical housing solution. Our directory allows you to find addresses, contact details and prices by department. Our association can also support you financially...

Schooling of the sick child: instructions for use

Among the many subjects that Eva defends for life, there is that of the school pursuit of any child who is sick or injured in life. Indeed, it is by accompanying the families that we discovered that not all the children benefited from an adapted follow-up of their schooling: no teacher available, ignorance of the options put in place, cumbersome procedures. And who does what? Our file, intended for families but also for teachers.

Death of the child: state aid

The bereavement of a child law - to which we strongly contributed - voted in 2020 introduces new financial aid for families of deceased children: funeral capital, employment protection, maintenance of a set of aids. This article provides an overview of the situation...