Application for emergency financial assistance

Eva pour la vie supports the families of sick or deceased children , to finance the costs inherent in the illness (travel, care, etc.) or the death of the child. This aid responds to a real need that affects all social strata of the population, and in particular single mothers.

Following the announcement of cancer or a serious illness of a child, many parents reduce their professional activity, even put it on hold to stay with him. This leads to a drop in income even though the costs do not drop or even increase, the illness often generating additional costs, with sometimes unsuitable coverage from the social system.

In order to relieve families of their financial worries, Eva pour la vie can provide, with supporting documents:

  • Logistical and financial assistance to help families benefit from housing near the hospital where their child is hospitalized.

  • Assistance in financing medical treatments and equipment not covered by social security, transport and accommodation costs linked to the hospitalization of a child (parents' house, hotel, rental, etc.), as well as any basic necessities (water, gas, electricity, rent...).

  • Help with illness, bereavement and funerals: Losing a child is the worst drama you can experience. To the pain should not be added the financial problems. In recent years, we have financed the funeral expenses of dozens of families, while considering that it was not normal that this should be the responsibility of associations. This is why we defended at the Ministry of Health the bill of deputy Guy Bricout, partially inspired by our proposals, recalling the socio-budgetary and legal needs following the death of a child. A law - which extends bereavement leave from 5 to 15 days, which ensures the maintenance of social assistance (CAF etc.) in connection with the child for 3 months, which sets up a public death benefit (from 2000€ or 1000€ for the wealthiest), which protects bereaved families against dismissal for a period of 13 weeks was voted in the spring of 2020. It is fully applied. To this day, we are still working with the aim of reducing the "residual charge" for low-income families.

This one-off aid is allocated by the Board of Directors of the Eva pour la vie association, after prior analysis of the supporting documents presented. We make sure to provide an answer in principle within a reasonable time (generally within 7 - 10 days), while knowing how to adapt to urgent cases. These aids do not replace legal services and are adapted to the situation of each family.

Supporting documents requested (depending on the case)
– the full contact details (surname, first name, address, postal code, city, telephone and email) of the parent(s), or legal guardian, as well as the civil status of the child.
– a medical report of the hospitalized child, or a death certificate of the child
– in the case of treatment abroad, medical proof from the service receiving the child, and any information concerning the treatment, and its unavailability in France
– invoices or quotes for services not covered
– A bank account statement, proof of identity and address

Download the family financial aid application form