Did you know ?

500 children / year

die of cancer in France, i.e. 20 school classes. This figure has hardly declined for 20 years . Over the past decades, only pediatric cancers responding to “adult treatments” have seen their chances of recovery improve.

Cancer is the leading cause of death

of children by disease. Leukemias, brain tumors and sarcomas clearly predominate.

End of life treatments

For many pediatric cancers, including brainstem tumors, treatment often comes down to palliative care .

The increase in the number of cases

The number of childhood cancers increases by 1 to 3% each year, according to several European studies. One in 400 children will be affected by cancer before they come of age.

Too little funding is allocated by the State

research on pediatric cancers, through INCa. This is why we want a law guaranteeing a public fund dedicated to research on childhood cancer in the amount of 15 - 20 million euros / year (in addition to existing resources) to be passed.

Not profitable

Industrial research is mainly focused on adult cancers, for reasons of profitability . However, malignant tumors detected in children are often different from those in adults and cannot be treated in the same way.

Essential dedicated research

However, the majority of fundamental and preclinical research projects on childhood cancer are not supported by the French state. Researchers can waste more than 50% of their time looking for money, responding to administrative constraints ...

The search for the causes

is very low for children with cancer. However, prevention makes it possible, in adults, to greatly reduce the number of cancers. Reducing the number of children diagnosed is essential.

Pesticides and pollutants

are classified as “probable carcinogens” or even “ certain carcinogens ”, but remain freely available. They can be found in significant quantities in the environment or in the child's diet.

A woman who loses her child ...

A woman who loses her husband is a widow; a man who loses his wife is a widower; a child who loses his parents is an orphan; no words exist for a parent who loses their child .