We receive many testimonials and thanks from parents. Here are a few. We choose not to mention, out of respect for the privacy of families, their names and addresses.

Family of Yanelle, 5 years old
When our daughter's diagnosis was announced, and unable to accept that such a terrible disease could affect a 5-year-old girl, I turned to the internet, hoping to find comfort, and came across the site of Eva pour la vie. Their story touched me so much… I felt exactly the same pain. I then decided to write to them. Stéphane, whom I particularly welcome, quickly answered me and directed me to the best specialists in order to have another opinion. At the same time, Eva pour la vie provided me with financial assistance to support Y.'s treatment (Rapamune, 2mg). In full confinement, the association allowed us to benefit from free accommodation near the hospital where our daughter was being cared for, because the parents' houses were closed. What Eva pour la vie did is just enormous because thanks to them, other children and patients with other pathologies were able to be accommodated during this difficult period of covid19 and thus continue their care. A big thank you to this association of great values which does a lot to help pediatric cancer research and which also helps to soften, help and support all families in distress.

Family of Mathys, 8 years old
Following the announcement of the disease of our little warrior (neuroblastoma) we had to stop working to ensure hospitalizations and all that goes with it. As a result, over time financial problems arose and we were no longer able to cope with the invoices (Edf, taxes, etc.). It was then that we appealed to the Eva pour la Vie association, while our bank was not supporting us in this ordeal. Thanks to the association, we were able to pay our bills, bring our account up to date and negotiate together with the bank, which then agreed to reimburse part of the fees it took from us every month. Thanks to Eva pour la vie our life has changed a lot. We can devote ourselves to our warrior and the financial problems are behind us.

Family of Laura, 14 years old
Laura fell ill three and a half years ago, and relapsed from leukemia in March 2020. She was treated in several hospitals and had a transplant. She is still hospitalized. The association has helped us greatly. Fortunately, it exists, it is essential. We received wise and relevant advice, significant financial assistance, contacts with other organizations […]. The association also gives us moral support, and we know that we can count on it in case of problems or various questions. The association found us accommodation near the hospital, following the problems encountered with the parents' house (an organization which normally has to house the parents of sick children).


Social advances

Since the creation of Eva pour la vie in February 2012, we have, thanks to your donations, financially supported hundreds of families of sick children. At the same time, this allowed us to identify the various difficulties encountered by these families, and to relay these problems to the institutions, in order to resolve the emergency BUT ALSO the bottom line. Our support for families has resulted in:
  • Logistical and financial assistance to help families benefit from housing near the hospital where their child is hospitalized. This help was accentuated during the lockdown linked to COVID19, because most of the parents' homes were closed. We obtained the collaboration of the AirnB platform , where our contacts were very involved in finding free accommodation for the families concerned.

  • Funding assistance for medical treatment and equipment not covered by social security, which represents a significant budget for families. This subject was the subject of an intervention by the co-founder of Eva pour la vie, Stéphane Vedrenne as well as by Dr. Elise Quillent during the conference “Pediatric Cancers” which was held on February 12, 2020 at the National Assembly, in the presence of many elected officials.

  • Help in the face of illness, bereavement and funerals: Losing a child is the worst tragedy that can be experienced. Financial problems should not be added to the pain. In recent years, we have financed the funeral expenses of dozens of families, while considering that it was not entirely normal for this to be the responsibility of associations. This is why we defended at the Ministry of Health the bill of deputy Guy Bricout, and recalled, with the federation Growing Up Without Cancer, the socio-budgetary and legal needs following the death of a child.

    Thus, a comprehensive bill was voted on by the deputies unanimously on May 16, 2020 . She understands :
    - Bereavement leave extended from 5 to 15 split days
    - The maintenance of social assistance (CAF etc ...) in connection with the child for 3 months. Until now, aid stopped just after the death of a child. An improvement was also recorded for the beneficiaries of the RSA.
    - The creation of a public death benefit, which will cover the funeral costs, automatically paid to all families of deceased children by CAF, in accordance with the proposals made by Eva pour la vie and the work carried out with the deputy Sereine Mauborgne, François Ruffin ...
    - Protection of bereaved families against dismissal for a period of 13 weeks
    - Reimbursement of psychological support (city psychologists, etc.)