Social advances

Since the creation of Eva pour la vie in February 2012, we have, thanks to your donations, financially supported hundreds of families of sick children and researchers. But we are also carrying out substantive work with parliamentarians to obtain lasting progress for research into childhood cancers, as well as better support for the families of seriously ill children or victims of life accidents. Our actions, carried out with the Grandir Sans Cancer federation, with parliamentarians, have led to several major advances:
  • November 2018: 5 million euros per year earmarked for basic research in pediatric oncology.The use of this allocation, which is complementary to existing general funding, is decided in conjunction with the representatives of the associations. The National Cancer Institute is in charge of coordinating the action plan. This decision was taken after several amendments (Jean-Christophe Lagarde, Benoit Simian, Eric Woerth, etc.) debated in the hemicycle at our instigation. The deputies Amélie de Montchalin, Benoit Simian and Laurianne Rossi as well as the Minister of Research Frédérique Vidal enabled the implementation of this progress.

  • May 2020: Guy Bricout's bill (taken over and enriched by the government) aimed at supporting families after the death of a child (known as the "mourning law"). She understands :
    - Bereavement leave increased from 5 to 15 split days
    - The maintenance of social aid (CAF etc.) in connection with the child for 3 months. Until now, aid stopped immediately after the death of a child. An improvement has also been made for RSA beneficiaries.
    - The creation of a public death benefit, which will cover funeral expenses, automatically paid to all families of deceased children by CAF, in accordance with the proposals made by Eva pour la vie and the work carried out with MP Sereine Mauborgne, François Ruffin...
    - Protection of bereaved families against dismissal for a period of 13 weeks
    - Reimbursement of psychological support (urban psychologists, etc.)

  • November 2020: Doubling of the duration of the AJPP.
    This bill was carried by the deputy Paul Christophe adopted. After raising their awareness, we carried out a complete assessment of the situation, testimonials from families to justify the usefulness of this measure, which should also ultimately lead to the implementation of broader social measures to families of sick children, victims of life accidents, who have to reduce or even cease their professional activity for this reason.

  • October 2021: vote of an additional 20 million euros for research on pediatric cancers
    As we demonstrated in a report, the earmarking of €5M/year allocated since the end of 2018 showed both its effectiveness and its limits, due to a constrained budget. Supported by deputies LR, LFI but also by the majority (in particular, Puerre Cabaré, who intervened in a very strong way), the amendment of the deputy for the North Béatrice Descamps voted in the PLS2022, allows an acceleration of this work as well as an improvement in the structure
  • December 2021: Law aimed at supporting children with chronic illnesses or cancer
    This bill drafted by the deputy of the North Béatrice Descamps creates a specific leave of 2 days when announcing a cancer or a chronic pathology in the child. It will also make it possible to better secure the course of the pupils concerned by such situations. 

  • January 2022: revaluation of the AJPP to the SMIC
    This progress, obtained thanks to the intervention of the deputy Paul Christophe, was part of our demands included in our petition. On average, the full-time AJPP – open to any parent having to cease their professional activity to accompany their seriously ill child – therefore goes from 900 to more than 1300 euros.

  • July 2023: vote on a law aimed at strengthening the protection of families of children suffering from an illness or disability or victims of a particularly serious accident.
    This bill co-constructed by MP Paul Christophe and Eva pour la vie was voted on and applied in just 5 months, with support involving cross-party parliamentarians. It aims to:
    - Protect parents from dismissal when they have to reduce or stop their professional activity to support their child,
    - Extend the leave for the announcement of a serious pathology of a child from 2 days to 5 days,
    - Extend bereavement leave to 14 days for the death of a child under 25 and to 12 days regardless of age,
    - Facilitate access to teleworking for these same parents,
    - Simplify the procedures for renewing the Daily Parental Presence Allowance (#ajpp) by removing the condition of an explicit prior agreement from the medical control department and allowing the CAF to pay an advance to the beneficiaries within 15 days,
    - Remove the AJPP and AJPA capping measure paid to non-employees in agricultural professions not affiliated to pension insurance, to their collaborating spouses and partners and to non-employees in agricultural professions ceasing their activities ,
    - Protect these families from breaking the lease when they are tenants,
    - Better support parents by experimenting with improvements with the CAF.