Personalities & ambassadors

Celine Vitcoq

This young and bubbly actress became known to the general public with her role of Wendy in "Plus belle la vie". She was the one who spontaneously contacted us to sign our petition and ensure her support. She has since proven her commitment, her enormous generosity and her reliability on numerous occasions. She took part in events for the association and in Eva pour la vie's second TV spot. For the latter, she has gathered around her other actors from the flagship series of France 3. We are proud to have her as a godmother!

Véronique de Villèle

With her accomplice Davina, she brought fitness to France in the 80s and made millions of French people move every Sunday morning with her program "Gym Tonic" on Antenne 2. Still very active in the fitness sector, Véronique is also a woman very committed to good causes, such as research against Alzeihmer or sick children. She has been a long-standing supporter of our association, and is always present for Parisian events. She is also in the casting of our TV spot.

Laurent Febvay

Originally from Marseille, this young comedian who goes up is not only funny. He is also sensitive to great causes, and in particular to that of children who fight against cancer. This is why he always answers present. He has notably played in shows with the profile of Eva pour la vie in Longjumeau (Paris), St Médard en Jalles (Bordeaux) and in his beautiful city, Marseille.


Falling into the radio pot when he was very young, Cocto is a reference in the world of music: radio, promotion of artists, he knows the song… He is also a man with a huge heart, very invested in our combat, for which he is committed on a daily basis. Bringing together artists, tracking the media that talk about us, presenting an evening, it's an Ambassador with a capital A.


It was Sébastien Patoche who united Cartman to Eva for life. From a simple exchange of messages on Facebook was born a great commitment to our fight. Nicolas thus participated in our evening in Longjumeau, invited our president to her morning show on D17, in the company of his accomplices Vincent Desagnat and Stéphanie Loire…

Stephanie Loire

Radio (Chérie FM), TV ("C'est que de la TV" on C8), Stéphanie knows how to do everything, and brings her pep wherever she goes. Touched by our fight, she notably initiated a call for donations to her listeners at Chérie FM in 2016, and is still there.


Revealed by his hit “Raise me up”, this singer with a golden voice and a big heart always responds to our requests. He notably participated in our evening “on stage for life” near Bordeaux.

Kael & K-psule

Kael & K-psule, are two atypical Perpignan artists, with dancing rhythms and often engaged texts evolving on an alternative Root Reggae sound. Terribly human, they decided to create an album and give all the profits to the association Eva pour la vie.

Levanah Solomon

This young actress bursts the screen with each of her TV appearances: “Our dear neighbors” has made her a star! Despite her young age, she is very sensitive to what children with cancer go through, and always makes a point of being “present” at our events. She notably participated in our last TV spot.

Laurent Kerusore

Star actor of "Plus belle la vie", Laurent is involved in numerous associations and numerous fights. He did us the honor of participating in our second TV spot, along with other comrades from the series.

Rebecca Hampton and several actors of the series "Plus belle la vie"

Actress and woman of Heart, Rebecca is sensitive to causes related to children. If her agenda allows, she always answers present. She volunteered to participate in our second TV spot, with other actors from "plus belle la vie": our godmother Céline Vitcoq, Laurent Kerusoré, Avy Marciano, Diane Robert and Alexandre Fabre

Jean-Maris Paris

His face must tell you something. Normal, he played in many films (OSS 117, Spirou, the marquis…) and played the role of Bouly in Luc Besson's action series “No limits”. Very concerned with the subject of children suffering from cancer, he is a long-time supporter of Eva for life and has participated in several events that we have organized.

André Ferrer

Well-known actor and stuntman in the profession, our "Dédé" also has a cv that leaves you dreaming. Very touched by our fight, he is also an unwavering support of our association, and gladly animates our charity evenings.

Flavia Coelho

Flavia Coelho is a Brazilian singer born in Rio de Janeiro. Based in France since 2006, she won the Génération Reservoir musical springboard and was signed by the independent label Discograph. Her first album, Bossa Muffin, was released in 2011. She took part in our evening “en scène pour la vie” in Longjumeau, near Paris


This young rapper, revealed by his title “I feel alone”, quickly created an audience. He takes advantage of his new reputation to defend strong values, and in particular to show his support for children suffering from cancer. Respect, Boostee!

Team Raid Girls

The raid girls team brings together several young women, who combine their passion for sport with the promotion of our fight. Since 2014, it has multiplied initiatives to collect donations, publicize our fight in France and abroad, unite other sportswomen… Hats off ladies!

Sarah Letoffe

Originally from Aisne (Hauts-de-France), this mother experienced this fight against cancer, alongside her little boy who is now cured. She now puts all her energy at the service of our association, and is at the origin of many projects which have enabled her to collect, on her own, nearly € 4,000 for our association in 2017! And she does not intend to stop there! Concentration of bikers, archery animation, flea market, Christmas markets, piggy banks at dozens of traders… It is teeming with actions !!!

Tribal Sport

Under the impetus of Frédérique Perrier, her husband and little Betty-Lou, the Tribal Sport association has been organizing for 3 years "The enduro of the watchmen of life" in Gemenos, near Marseille, for the benefit of Rire Médecin and from the Eva pour la vie association.

Ambroise Gasnet & Vocascène

Founding president of the “Vocascène” theater troupe, Ambroise is a talented young author who made Eva known for life in Vendée and in several neighboring departments, through several theatrical performances. He has been working alongside us for several years now.

And also ...

The organizers of the Solidarity Marches (Groupama Foundation) - Femmes de coeur (Nogent sur Oise) - Arc en Ciel (Paris) - the Marcelloise team (St Marcel d'Ardèche) - Necko (prouctor director of the 2nd TV spot of Eva pour la vie) - Fabrice Subirada - Christelle Roland - Sylvie & Philippe Pontois - Vanessa Didriche - Eliane & Alice Touya - Emma Cox - Alex Jonval - Eddy Gaugey - Nathalie & Norah Merle - Isabelle Fillon - Morgane Cholet - Vincent Bono - l ' team that organized the events in Beaumont (63) - the Colocatère team - JM Dura (loto du 83) - Talaniak team - Jean XXIII school ensemble (Operation bowl of rice) and many others ...

Thank you also to the deputies who have chosen to get involved for children suffering from cancer and incurable diseases , in particular: Mr Jean-Christophe LAGARDE (Seine-Saint-Denis, PPL 1187 04/2014), Mrs Martine FAURE (Gironde, pediatric cancer study group 2015-2017 and amendments), Mr Benoit SIMIAN (Chirac tax amendment 10/2017), Ms Laurianne ROSSI and all those who support them

Finally, thanks to the team