Cancers & fatal childhood illnesses: call on your deputy

Just like several tens of thousands of citizens, you support the - apolitical - approach initiated by the association "Eva pour la vie" in favor of a law for the financing of research, aid to families and the improvement of conditions of treatment of children with cancer, but is this the case for the deputies of your department?

Did they commit to VOTE FOR Jean-Christophe Lagarde's bill on the funding of pediatric oncology research by the pharmaceutical industry, which was unfortunately rejected at the end of 2014?

Had they supported the parliamentary work of former MP Martine Faure (president of the pediatric cancer study group until May 2017)

Or, are they now ready - all political sensitivities combined - to commit to children with cancer & incurable diseases & to help their families? To find out, and possibly ask MEPs about their position, select your department!