Death of the child: state aid

The bereavement of a child law - to which we strongly contributed - voted in 2020 introduces new financial aid for families of deceased children: funeral capital, employment protection, maintenance of a set of aids. This article provides an overview of the situation...
  • Automatic payment of a death benefit for a child
    The CAF automatically pays an allowance in the event of the death of a child under 25 present in the household .
    The allowance is due in the event of death occurring from the twentieth week of pregnancy.
    Its amount is €1059.80 or €2119.54 depending on my resources. It is also possible to request, on file, exceptional additional assistance if you are in a critical financial situation.

    Note: parents in possession of a lifeless birth certificate must have this document at the Caf with the mainland application form or the Dom application form to be able to benefit from the allowance.

  • Your rights are maintained for 3 months after the death of your child for:

  • Your rights are extended under conditions for the following services:

    • the back-to-school allowance (Ars) is maintained for the coming school year if the death occurs between June 1 and July 31. The Ars is not maintained if the death occurs between May 1 and May 31 preceding the start of the school year;
    • the birth bonus is maintained if death occurs from the first day of the month following the fifth month of pregnancy;
    • the adoption bonus is maintained if the death occurs in the month of the adoption;
    • the Rsa is maintained for 12 months taking into account the deceased minor child.

  • The Caf can accompany you to facilitate your procedures, provide you with support in your daily life (through the intervention of a professional in your home), offer you psychological support.