Serious illness of the child: state aid

Are you the parent(s) of a disabled, seriously ill or injured child and you find yourself having to reduce or stop your professional activity, or your job search? Several aids exist to limit financial complications. Everything from the horizon with our practical advice...

First of all, the first instinct is to contact a social worker to help you with the formalities. There is generally one (or more) within the hospital, as well as in the CCAS (Communal Center for Social Action, in municipalities with more than 2000 inhabitants). You can also contact our association, which can help you or direct you to the right service.

There are two legal benefits: the education allowance for disabled children (Aeeh) and the daily parental attendance allowance (Ajpp) . These allowances are not means-tested.

The daily parental attendance allowance (Ajpp)

This aid is open to employees (public or private), to self-employed workers and to job seekers receiving benefits. To benefit from this aid, you must reduce or cease your activity (or your job search) to help your dependent child suffering from an illness, a handicap or the victim of a particularly serious accident. His situation making a sustained presence essential and restrictive care are justified by a medical certificate.

You can have 310 days of AJPP over a maximum period of three years (with a limit of 22 per month) for each child. The bill of deputy Paul Christophe, voted unanimously in November 2021, allows an exceptional renewal of 310 days, for the same pathology, after agreement of the medical control service.

  • Are you an employee? You must apply for parental presence leave with your employer.
  • Are you compensated by Pôle emploi, VRP domestic employees or self-employed? You must certify days of cessation of activity.

The Caf pays you each month the number of days and half-days of absence taken. The amount on 1 January 2022 is €58.59 per day and €29.30 for half a day, i.e. the equivalent of the monthly minimum wage for a full stop. This amount is increased for people living alone.

Note : this aid is currently the fastest to obtain (between 2 and 4 months).

Education allowance for disabled children (AEEH)

If your child has a disability recognized by the MDPH (Departmental House for the Disabled), Aeeh can be granted to you to help you with the education and care of your child.

Depending on your situation, the duration of the payment varies:

- It can extend from 2 to 5 years if your child's disability rate is between 50% and 79%.

- If your child's degree of incapacity is at least equal to 80% and his state of health is stable or worsens, this aid can be paid without any time limit until your child's 20th birthday.

- If your child's disability rate is at least equal to 80% and his state of health shows prospects for improvement, the duration is between 3 and 5 years.

You can also benefit from an increase if you are a single parent and the Aeeh supplement is granted to you because your child's medical situation requires your recourse or that of a third party.

Note : you can be accompanied by the LEA association to put together your file, which is relatively complex. The deadlines for granting aid are currently long and very unequal depending on the department: from 4 to 12 months.

Caf's social action in favor of families

In addition to the payment of the Aeeh and the Ajpp, each CAF can support families faced with the illness or disability of a child by mobilizing its social workers. They can, in certain cases, provide assistance in the care of your child:

  • information on legal benefits,
  • referral to institutional partners and specialized services,
  • support in the context of specific procedures,
  • mobilization of financial aid systems...