AJPP and unemployment: our mobilization leads to the Ministry of Solidarity - 30 sept. 2022

Since the summer, the CAF had been reducing the rights of the families of parents of sick children by limiting the number of days of AJPP (daily allowance of parental presence) for job seekers to the remainder of the days of unemployment. In other words, while this right was established at 310 renewable days for employees, self-employed persons and job seekers having to cease their professional activity (or their job search) to take care of their child, the latter category became heavily penalised: 10 days of unemployment = 10 days of AJPP instead of 310 days.

The associations Eva pour la vie, LEA and a collective of parents, " Mobilization AJPP " mobilized together with the support of the Federation Growing Up Without Cancer .

During September, Eva pour la vie obtained an RV, with the support of deputy Paul Christophe, at the Ministry of Solidarity, who agreed with us.

If our meeting - attended by members of Eva pour la vie, Grandir sans cancer, professionals (doctor, social worker and financial expert) and MP Paul Christophe for the emergency of AJPP beneficiaries - dealt with the general question of the assistance to families of sick children, a particular ZOOM was made on these unemployed parents receiving compensation and receiving the AJPP (daily parental presence allowance) who saw their rights reduced by the CNAF, even though the law did not evolved

Eva's request for life and Grandir Sans Cancer, shared by professionals and MP Paul Christophe, was as follows: that the Minister quickly send a circular to the CNAF asking it to return without delay to the method of calculation operated for more than 15 years for the families concerned, given that no new law justified such a reversal.

It should be noted that Eva pour la vie had previously solicited some media who responded: Sud-Ouest, RTL and especially BFMTV, in the person of its star journalist Bruce Toussaint, who also contacted the ministry and the CNAF. We had also submitted to the Ministry a file with an in-depth investigation on the subject (led by Eva pour la vie & the Mobilization AJPP collective) as well as general proposals from Grandir Sans Cancer.

✅ We were very quickly reassured by the Ministry of Solidarity on this point: it is a “misinterpretation” of which the ministry indicates that it does not know the origin. The Ministry of Solidarity shares the findings that we made, while being aware of the consequences, for families, of this situation over a very short period of time. They sent (before our meeting) an information circular to the CNAF, so that common law applies to the families concerned.

✅ In other words: any compensated job seeker can claim 310 days of AJPP, both in first request and in exceptional renewal, since this limitation to the remainder of unemployment is absolutely unfounded. The various letters from CAF indicating the application of “such a directive indicating” a “ministerial reversal”, a “new law” or “the application of current texts” is therefore unfounded.

Beyond the CNAF which received the information at the end of September, and which transmitted it to the various CAF as well as to the mediators, we insisted on the urgency for the families, that they can benefit from the AJPP in a normal way, recalling that many had been waiting since the beginning of the summer.

The updating of files will obviously have to be retroactive, in accordance with the rules set by the administration itself.

In addition, we took advantage of this meeting to discuss, with the deputy Paul Christophe, the inconsistency of the decree of April 28, 2022, which indicates that the silence of the administration is worth refusal for a renewal , even though for a first request , the silence of the CNAF for 2 months is equivalent to agreement. The MP tabled an amendment (which will be discussed in October).

The ministry seems to agree with us. They are looking for the best way to “reach out” to families who are at the end of their AJPP entitlement and who will ask are likely to ask for an exceptional renewal. This corresponds to our request: to save time and quality of information.
Finally, we discussed subjects on which we have been working for several years: the implementation of appropriate aid (especially for people far from the place of care), the question of deadlines and the need to set up a system of tacit agreement on aid, which should be natural at a time when the government is considering simplifying and automating the granting of RSA, APL and the activity bonus for 2023. Families must not be forgotten in this simplification process, which would also benefit the administration as a whole. Our expectations are largely shared by the government report by MP Paul Christophe. We remain constructive and determined, hoping that these points will be worked on by the end of the year.

If you are a parent concerned by this situation, and you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

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