Cancers & serious childhood illnesses: an example of family support - 24 déc. 2017

Eva for Life supports - with your help - research on childhood cancer, but not only. Whether a child has cancer, leukemia or another serious disease, the observation is the same: solutions must be found, for research, to help families, without pitting a child against a child. other.

It is in this state of mind that with the associations Aidons Marina (Lyon) and Timéo notre hero (Toulouse), we decided to finance a digital signage device with integrated eye control for little Tom, who has pump disease. This little one has all his intellectual capacities, his feelings, his dreams, but he is "prisoner of his body" because of an illness where there too, the financial means for research are lacking. And where the will of the institutions can be improved.

To offer - on Christmas day - such a "tool" (developed by a Swedish company, TOBII) to Tom, so that he could communicate (including, to tell if he is in pain etc ...) was not a luxury, but a necessity, knowing that it had been successfully tested beforehand.

This tool is not supported by Social Security, which makes it difficult to access, even with a negotiated price (11,000 euros instead of 15,000, thanks to CIMIS and TOBII for their kindness). Hence our intervention, as so often.

In 2018, we will continue to financially support research, families (often in emergency situations), through public generosity but also by working to obtain from the State the creation of a fund dedicated to cancer research. and incurable diseases of the child, the current means being very insufficient.

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