Exchanges at the Ministry of Transformation & Public Service - 03 mars 2022

Corinne Vedrenne, president of Eva pour la vie was invited this morning, with Jessica Baba (Asso LEA) and Stéphanie Ville (Aidons Marina) to the Ministry of Transformation and Public Service by Ministers Amélie de Montchalin and Adrien Taquet to an update on the protection of families affected by the death of a child. Other issues were also discussed...
Corinne Vedrenne mentioned the need to jointly optimize the assistance provided to bereaved families of children, the need for good practices for funeral directors (with prices ranging from simple to triple for the same services), or the role town halls with regard to the problem of concessions.

Furthermore, the governmental mission of Paul Christophe, to which we have been committed since the beginning, naturally came up several times in the discussions: deadlines, simplification of the allocation of aid, the humanity of social organizations, certain new rights to be put in place... for families who are fighting for their seriously ill child, suffering from an accident in life. Significant progress remains to be made in this area, the findings and proposals will be on the table of the Prime Minister in the days to come.

This way of working - which has given several avas since 2018 - corresponds well to the trademark of Eva, for life and then of the Grandir sans cancer federation, which we co -founded: ENSEMBLE, not for the image but to make advance the fund, with a good knowledge of the field, the technical aspects and the law to guarantee sustainable, egalitarian progress for all. A very human meeting, which encourages us to continue to continue, together, in a free, frank and very constructive way at the same time.
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