Support for children with cancer and chronic diseases: the PPL of Béatrice Descamps voted - 08 déc. 2021

After a unanimous vote in the National Assembly, the Senate approved this bill which creates a specific 2-day leave when the announcement of cancer or chronic pathology in children. It will also make it possible to better secure the course of the pupils concerned by such situations. Finally, an article is directly related to our work - supported by Grandir Sans Cancer - aimed at creating the status of protected parent in the face of serious illness or an accident of life.
The president of Eva pour la vie, Corinne Vedrenne, had been a force for proposals on the issue of education, one of the cornerstones of this bill aimed at supporting children with chronic pathology or cancer, written by MP Beatrice Descamps. Corinne Vedrenne, a teacher by vocation, had made no taboos of her experience - shared by many teachers, parents and students - of inequalities in terms of support for students and teacher training in the face of illnesses. This law establishes the systamatization of a meeting of an educational team around the child concerned within a short timeframe. Likewise, the presence of a doctor or a school nurse in the examination centers will be possible during the tests, if a child is affected by one of the pathologies referred to.

Likewise, this law will first of all make it possible to create a specific leave on the announcement of the occurrence of a chronic, serious pathology or childhood cancer for all employees, as well as for civil servants. Until now, this leave only existed for the announcement of a disability. This article which reduces inequalities offers a short time but more than useful to families.
Finally, this bill had been enriched with an amendment, article 3 bis was inserted in public session in the National Assembly by an amendment by Mr. François Ruffin (La France insoumise). It provides for the submission by the Government, within six months after the promulgation of the law, of a report to Parliament on the living conditions of parents who must interrupt their work or take leave to accompany their child with dementia. 'cancer or severe chronic disease. This report " will take stock of all the socio-economic difficulties that parents may have and proposes recommendations to be included in the law to protect jobs, allow parents to finance care or prevent them from having to do so, help them. in complex administrative procedures ”. In this case, the Government has entrusted the deputy Paul Christophe with a mission relating to the support of parents of sick children, who will be able in particular to respond to the issues raised by this article. This work could lead to a complete answer on this subject.

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