Eva pour la vie supports innovative work on DIPGs - 30 nov. 2020

The INSERM team in Bordeaux is launching an innovative project aimed at identifying new drugs from a catalog of more than 900 molecules to fight against infiltrating brainstem glioma or DIPG, a brain tumor in children still incurable in 2020. identification of new drugs capable of eliminating DIPG tumor cells would make it possible to propose new therapeutic solutions to treat sick children in a relatively short time ...

Thanks to the support of Eva Pour la Vie, Pour Emma, Scott & Co and Grandir Sans Cancer, a new project will start the journal Neuro-Oncology ) and in the search for the most effective compounds among a library of several hundred of candidates (see the 2017 publication on Childhood Liver Cancer ). This work will be carried out by Guillaume Herrault, Master 2 student at the University of Poitiers, and Farah Rahal, doctoral student in the team, under the joint supervision of Drs Christophe Grosset and Martin Hagedorn .

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