National Assembly: final vote of the PPL on support for families after the death of a child - 26 mai 2020

The National Assembly unanimously adopted, with moving testimonies, an enriched law to which Eva pour la vie contributed by intervening with the deputies, the senators, the ministry of health: payment of a public death benefit to parents losing a child, protection of families against dismissal, maintenance of allowances 3 months after death ... in addition to the initial bill proposed by the deputy of the North Guy Bricout, aimed at extending the duration of the leave granted to parents of 'a deceased child.

During this meeting of national union, several deputies opened their hearts, delivered liberating personal testimonies linked to the death of their own child, of a young brother ... several also made a "mea culpa" on the rejection of Guy Bricout's PPL by the government on January 30, 2020, which caused an outcry in public opinion, and rightly incited President Emmanuel Macron to ask the government to "show humanity".

Applicable from June 1, 2020, this bill will have concrete effects on families:
- Bereavement leave is increased from 5 to 15 split days
- Social assistance (CAF, etc.) related to the child will be maintained for 3 months. Until now, aid stopped just after the death of a child. An improvement was also recorded for the beneficiaries of the RSA.
- A public death benefit, which will cover funeral costs, will be paid automatically to all families of deceased children by CAF, as Eva pour la vie has been asking for several years. Its amount is below our expectations: € 2,000 or € 1,000 for wealthy families. We proposed that the amount be € 3,000.
- Bereaved families will be protected against dismissal for a period of 13 weeks
- Psychological support, such as city psychologists "will be reimbursed.

We are delighted with these advances, on which we have strongly mobilized, with several associations co-founders of Grandir Sans Cancer - such as Lucie's smile, Aidons Marina, LEA, Autour d'Evan - and mourning associations such as SOS Premas or Better through mourning.

Finally, we want elected officials to quickly engage with us on the "during" a serious illness, a life accident affecting the child ... by creating a status of "protected parent", which would include a set financial measures aimed at reducing the precariousness of families confronted with the illness or handicap of a child. We have formulated strong, quantified and argued proposals, which could be part of a new bill.

You can count on our involvement, so that children and families confronted with serious illnesses, in the face of disability, in the face of the worst, are better protected.

"The only real mistakes are the ones we make over and over again. The rest are learning opportunities."
Dalai Lama.
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