Senate: PPL vote improving support for families after the death of a child - 03 mars 2020

The Senate unanimously adopted, in dignified debates, a widely reworked law, to which Eva pour la vie contributed on several aspects, by intervening twice at the Ministry of Health: payment of a public death benefit to parents losing a child, protection of families against dismissal ... in addition to Guy Bricout's initial bill, aimed at extending the leave granted to parents of a deceased child.

It is a vote of good sense after the rejection of the PPL of Guy Bricout in the National Assembly on January 30, 2020, which caused an uproar in public opinion, and prompted - rightly - President Emmanuel Macron to ask to the government to "show humanity".

These modifications will notably make it possible to:
- Increase bereavement leave from 5 to 15 days
- Improve the social rights of bereaved families: maintenance of RSA and social assistance for a "buffer" period after death
- Create a public death benefit, which will cover funeral costs
- Protect bereaved families against dismissal
- Reimburse the cost of psychological support

The title of Guy Bricout's bill (which aimed to obtain the extension of bereavement leave for a child, a measure requested by a friendly association, "Lucie's smile") has been transformed into a more representative name “Bill to improve workers' rights and support for families after the death of a child”.

We are delighted with these advances, on which we have strongly mobilized, as are several member associations of the Grandir Sans Cancer federation (which we co-founded) while waiting for some adjustments:

- The duration of protection against dismissal - 13 weeks mentioned in the Senate, or a little more than a quarter is too low: the deputies rightly proposed 9 months, we want them to be heard.

- the new public death benefit granted to families of deceased children should be universal, and an amount at least equal to 3000 euros. We would like to remind you that the public death benefit paid to adults by the CPAM is 3461 euros in 2020. A child's life is not worth more than half that of an adult. Neither did his death.

Finally, we want elected officials to also commit to the "pendant" ... by creating a "protected parent" status, which would include a set of financial measures aimed at reducing the precariousness of families facing illness or disability. of a child. We have formulated strong, quantified and argued proposals, which could be part of a new bill.

You can count on our involvement, so that the most vulnerable children and families, facing serious illnesses, disability, facing the worst, are better protected.

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