2nd RV at the Ministry of Health - 13 févr. 2020

On Thursday February 13, we were again summoned by Adrien Taquet and Muriel Pénicaud, in order to discuss again on the leave for the death of a child and other necessary measures.

For the second time, we were heard at the Ministry of Health, during a meeting organized by ministers Muriel Penicaud and Adrien Taquet, in the presence of several elected officials - including MP Guy Bricout, on parental bereavement leave , extended to other measures.

4 representatives of Grandir Sans Cancer (Stéphanie Ville, Pascaline Meyer, Jessica Baba and Stéphane Vedrenne, co-founder of Eva pour la vie and Grandir Sans Cancer) therefore presented their avenues for reflection on:

- bereavement leave, which would be established at 15 working days
- the elimination of waiting days in the event of sick leave at the end of this period
- the establishment of assistance for funeral costs, the amount and terms of which remain to be specified
- psychological support for parents after death
- protection against dismissal after death, over a period to be defined

In the event that our recommendations (particularly with regard to funeral costs and protection against dismissal) were retained, we will approve these proposals.

However, we note that the government is limited to mourning, and that it still does not provide an answer to families - in particular single parents - who find themselves in the obligation to stop their work in the face of the unforeseeable occurrence of an accident. life, illness or serious disability, sources of stress and precariousness.

We are therefore mobilizing to obtain rapid and effective progress on these points and remain at the entire disposal of elected officials to build, together, a more just and more generous country for the children and families concerned.

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