Meeting at the Ministry of Research - 05 déc. 2018

A particularly studious day in our fight for sick children. In the morning, Stéphane Vedrenne - co-founder of Eva pour la vie - accompanied 2 other representatives of the Grandir Sans Cancer Federation (Steeve de Matos Association Wonder Augustine and Pascaline Meyer Association the smile of Lucie ) at the Ministry of Research. 2 other federations were also present (UNAPECLE and GRAVIR).

Objective of this constructive morning: a substantive exchange between the ministry and the associations, with a view to determining a roadmap on the use of the means recently allocated (5 million euros / year) by the State for research on pediatric cancers.

You can count on us to make our proposals heard, so that all quality projects on childhood cancer are supported, that the financial means increase strongly (our objective being to obtain 15 million euros / year additional) and that they are controlled.

It is essential to open up as many avenues of research as possible, in order to prevent disease better in the long term, to reduce the number of children diagnosed with cancer, and to cure more children, with the fewest possible consequences.

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