Senate: Alain Fouché challenges Agnès Buzyn - 09 nov. 2017

THANKS to Senator Alain Fouché from Vienna, who questioned this AM Ms. Buzyn, Minister of Health, on the low funding for pediatric oncology research. The disengagement of the French State in this area over the past 20 years is visible today with the story of little Robin, mentioned by the senator, and many other children, whether or not supported by social security. : Will we have to send our children - suffering from the most difficult cancers - abroad so that they have a chance of being cured?

A response from a minister who seemed uncomfortable responding. And embarrassed in the face of the reply from the senator who cited the 500 children who still die, the "40 associations" (in reality 70!) Co-signers of the manifesto "Growing Up Without Cancer" (including Eva for life) and above all, the amendment by Benoit Simian ...

Watch the video with Ms. Buzyn's question and answer
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