3rd ENDURO OF LIFE WATCHERS in Gemenos (13) - 17 avril 2016

Sunday April 17, 2016, in GEMENOS near MARSEILLE, a GREAT RACE, bringing together several hundred people, took place for children with cancer and leukemia: the 3rd ENDURO DES WATCHERS OF LIFE, for the benefit of Laughing Doctor and Eva for life.

Because there is no border between cancer and leukemia, because it is simply a question of children who must be SAVED, the Tribal Sport association has decided to support the Rire Médecin (which brings good- be to hospitalized children) and Eva pour la vie (who support research on childhood cancer, and help families of sick children), by donating registration fees and creating a fundraising page . Thank you and well done to this great team with a huge heart.

More info: http://www.tribalsport-nature.fr/

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