Each year in Europe , more than 30,000 children and adolescents are diagnosed with cancer. Nearly 6000 die from it - the equivalent of 240 classrooms - for lack of appropriate treatment. Cancer is the leading cause of death from disease in children . Public childhood cancer research are low, and families can be better supported .

Since its creation, the association "Eva pour la vie" (France) has provided financial support to researchers as well as to families of sick or deceased children. It initiated, with many supports, unprecedented steps with institutions - deputies, senators, ministries & Elysée - to obtain a LAW guaranteeing a research fund dedicated to childhood cancer & incurable diseases, as well as a improved assistance to families.

Under our leadership, an unprecedented bill (from deputy Jean-Christophe Lagarde) was rejected in the National Assembly at the end of 2014, sparking strong indignation. An unprecedented approach in France then followed: a parliamentary study group, chaired by the deputy Martine Faure, proceeded until 2017 with hearings of associations, researchers, doctors, families. and institutions, with conclusions that agree with ours.

At the end of 2018, the deputy Benoît Simian and his colleagues obtained a fund of 5m € / year for pediatric oncopediatric research (it would take 20m€ / year). In the spring of 2020, a bill aimed at providing financial & psychological support to families of deceased children was adopted in the Senate, then on May 26 in the National Assembly: we have made a strong contribution. The mobilization continues with you, in order to obtain additional improvements for the child, in particular during the fight against a serious illness or handicap, an accident of life.

Any child can be affected: that of your friend, your colleague, a parent, yours. Help us by signing our petition, by joining, by making a donation, by calling on politicians to support with dignity what is most precious: the lives of children

In memory of Eva -An adorable little girl of 7 and a half, who has everything to make us proud: intelligent, wise, altruistic, full of life, funny, sensitive, cute, creative, open, curious, full of projects ...
Later, she wants to "build a house to house the unlucky people and their children."
And then one day in June 2010, her life - and ours - changed: following a slight strabismus, Eva was diagnosed in a large university hospital in southwestern France with a "brainstem tumor". The doctors of the pediatric oncology department leave no hope: "it is incurable, he has between 6 and 12 months left". Eva will die, in atrocious human and medical conditions, 7 months after a diagnosis of cancer that nothing foreshadowed.