AJPP: strong progress - 22 oct. 2021

The deputy Paul Christophe has just obtained through an amendment the revaluation of the AJPP and the caregiver leave at the level of the minimum wage, or 1250 €. This progress is added to the doubling of its duration, increased from 310 to 620 days.

This was not a new request: Eva pour la vie had been making it since 2012 through a petition, signed by more than 260,000 people: to upgrade the AJPP (parental presence allowance) to the level of the minimum wage and over the actual duration of disease, in addition to other proposals for funding research and helping families. Our strongly argued proposals are known within the National Assembly.

This has just been granted under the PLFSS (social security finance bill). Parents affected by a serious illness such as cancer or an accident in the life of a child eligible for full-time AJPP will therefore receive 1,250 euros per month.

In addition, in November 2021, the Senate will vote "in accordance" with the proposal to double the duration of the AJPP, which will therefore finally pass from 310 to 620 days. A subject that we worked hand in hand with Paul Christophe - Deputy for the North , spearhead on issues relating to support for caregivers, and our comrades from the Federation Growing Up Without Cancer, which we co-founded.
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