INCa pediatric cancer conference - 19 juin 2021

From June 16 to 18, INCa organized an international scientific conference dedicated to pediatric cancers. Stéphane Vedrenne spoke during the round table dedicated to the causes and origins of pediatric cancers. To see again if you missed it!
This fundamental research conference on childhood cancer was organized by the National Cancer Institute, with the collaboration of the Grandir Sans Cancer federation (which took part in 2 sessions), Gravir and Unapecle.
The detailed program was as follows:

On June 16, from 3:25 p.m., an international session was dedicated to DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY, STEM CELLS & PEDIATRIC CANCERS, during which 4 researchers made a presentation, with the participation of Dr. Élise Q-uILE (Growing Up Without Cancer) and the Dr Celio Pouponnot.

On June 17 from 10:30 am, the round table invited several "young researchers", including 2 supported by Eva for life: Farah Rahal within the team of Dr Christophe Grosset & Martin Hagedorn in Bordeaux spoke about his work on DIPG . Just after, Loélia BABIN, spoke of her work on lymphomas within the Toulouse team of Fabienne Meggetto.

Friday June 18 from 2 to 4 p.m., Stéphane Vedrenne (co-founder of Eva pour la vie & Grandir Sans Cancer) spoke with an epidemiologist (Dr Jacqueline Clavel), researchers and doctors during a round table in French, on a subject (which we proposed, with our comrades from Growing Up Without Cancer, with great perseverance at INCa for this conference) which preoccupies many families and which, however, is insufficiently addressed: THE CAUSES AND ORIGINS OF CANCERS OF THE CHILD.

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