Decaux poster campaign in 307 French cities - 12 avril 2021

In April, the JC Decaux bill-poster supports Eva for life by offering us numerous bus shelters. Despite the progress made since 2017, funding for pediatric cancer research and support for families of sick children must be greatly improved. We inform citizens and challenge the State of the situation, on the basis of work carried out with the Grandir Sans Cancer federation, researchers, elected officials, families ...
Since 2018, we have obtained, with our comrades from the Federation Growing Without Cancer

- a fund of 5 million euros / year dedicated to research on pediatric cancers . It enables INCa to support ambitious and innovative oncopediatric research projects. Unfortunately, the amount allocated is far too low: only 2 out of 10 research projects are supported. Projects well evaluated by international experts, often dealing with pediatric cancers with a poor prognosis, are not funded. It is essential to increase the budget slider to real needs, to support all good projects, launch new calls for projects dedicated to pediatric oncology, bringing this fund to 15-20 million euros / year.

- a law aimed at improving workers' rights and support for families after the death of a child, known as the Bricout law . This greatly extends the duration of leave following the bereavement of a child. A lump sum allowance for funeral costs (up to € 2,000) for the child is automatically granted to the family. To avoid a sudden drop in resources, family allowances, the family supplement, the increased amount of the family supplement and the education allowance for the disabled child (AEEH) continue to be paid taking into account the deceased child, for a period determined by decree. Finally, the employer cannot terminate an employee's contract during the thirteen weeks following the death of his child under 25, except in the event of serious misconduct. A symbolic measure is missing: keep the deceased children in the administrative forms (with a mention "deceased") .

- some improvements for families of sick children, but they are scattered and too weak : doubling of the duration of the AJPP (daily parental presence allowance) from 310 to 620 days for families whose pathology of the child persists over a long period (Paul Christophe law). Béatrice Descamps' bill establishes a two-day leave for parents when the announcement of a chronic pathology or cancer in their child. It also brings some improvements with regard to education. That said, the biggest remains to be done: we are campaigning for the establishment of a status of "protected parent" for the families of seriously ill children, affected by an accident of life, facing mortgage or rent. , tax charges and employment . Today, it is not uncommon for a single mother, being obliged to cease her professional activity to take care of her seriously ill child, is threatened with deportation, receives advice from huisseirs or is dismiss. Finally, state aid takes several months to be paid: on average 3 months for the AJPP, more than 6 months for the AEEH. These deadlines are much too long, unsuitable for young families, who generally have little savings.

This campaign aims to remind people that we can and must do better, more, go all the way for the children concerned, and their families.

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