Beatrice Descamps PPL vote on childhood cancer & chronic diseases - 25 mars 2021

The National Assembly unanimously voted on the bill proposed by UDI MP Beatrice Descamps relating to the support of children with chronic pathology and cancer, for which we had been heard and made proposals. This law allows for the introduction of parental leave of 2 days when a chronic pathology (diabetes, epilepsy, etc.) or cancer in children is announced. It also includes two other support measures to facilitate the inclusion of the children concerned in school ...
The text was amended, with the aim of improving its scope, by several elected officials.

Beyond the initial proposal, François Ruffin, who recently auditioned Corinne Vedrenne
, reminded the government of the issue of SAPAD and AESH . It is a reality: many teachers and academy inspectors ignore the device. MP & teacher Jennifer De Temmerman has also confirmed our findings in the hemicycle. It was also legitimate to wonder about the low number of days allocated: only 2 for the moment.

François Ruffin also tabled an amendment asking for a report on "during illness" with regard to credits, rents, additional charges during illness, an accident of life, and mentioned the need to create a "protected parent" status. . An approach directly inspired by the proposals of Eva pour la vie and Growing Up Without Cancer, supported by a majority of elected officials, including Sereine Mauborgne, very committed to our side.

The deputy
Jean-Christophe Lagarde proposed as for him a "flash mission" on this same question. The deputy Nicolas Dupont-Aignan also raised the issues of research and the withdrawal of drug manufacturers. Guy Bricout, who in 2020 had brought the law of mourning for a child, made wise and encouraging concluding remarks.

We salute the quality of the cross-partisan debates, hoping that additional advances will be voted on in 2021, to increase funding for
research into childhood cancer, improve prevention, better protect families of sick children and simplify the process. 'access to aid for families of sick children, victims of a life-threatening accident.

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