Environmental health: common message to Emmanuel Macron - 11 févr. 2021

Eva pour la vie & a collective of associations, defending the environment, consumers, health users, associations, researchers ... launch an appeal to the President of the Republic, inviting him to put the environmental health at the heart of the health system. Indeed, scientific data on the impact of pollution on health has never been so numerous. Like the number of childhood cancers, which has never decreased: in 2020, it affected 2,840 children and adolescents (2,450 / year in 2000).

Environmental health: human activity at the origin of multiple pollution

Climate change is not the only consequence of human activity. Poor air quality, noise, electromagnetic fields, gradual degradation of resources and water quality, ultra-processed foods, endocrine disruptors, heavy metals, carcinogens, mutagens and reprotoxic (CMR)… Substances of very high concern that surround us are linked to the incredible development of chronic diseases since the post-war period, and in particular at the start of the 21st century.

Pollution that makes us sick

Cancers, obesity, diabetes, reproductive and behavioral disorders, neurodegenerative diseases… The explosion of chronic diseases is mainly linked to the invisible pollution that we have created. The number of long-term illnesses (ALD) for these diseases doubled between 2003 and 2017 and children are not spared. Each year in Europe, more than 6,000 children die from cancer - including more than 500 in France - the equivalent of 240 school classes.

Increased vulnerability to new viruses

The Covid-19 pandemic revealed the particular vulnerability of those who suffered from underlying conditions. Vulnerability to Covid-19 is not limited to age, but also to co-morbid factors linked to chronic diseases.

Reduce pollution to prevent disease and protect the environment

In France, there are “National Health and Environment Plans” intended to better understand the impact of pollution on health and above all to reduce it at source. After more than 15 years of existence, they have so far failed to effectively protect our health. Interesting proposals have recently been made by a parliamentary commission of inquiry. The associations are calling for strong action on all levels concerning environmental health: agriculture, food, health, training, consumer products, biodiversity, transport, housing, land use planning, etc. One way to avoid new crises, and to reduce inequalities.

List of Signatory Associations:
Help Marina • BAMP Collective Association! • Association of Families Victims of lead poisoning • French Association of Thyroid Patients • National Association of Animals Under Tension • Association Santé Environnement France • Plastic-free canteen France • Coll'Air Pur Santé • Support collective for victims of pesticides in the West • Collectif Environnement Santé 74 • Collective Stop the cancers of our children • Confédération paysanne • Confederation Syndicale des Familles • Convergence Infirmière E3M • Eva pour la Vie • Federation Growing Up Without Cancer • Fibromyalgia France • Generations Futures • Greenpeace France • Indecosa CGT • Youth Doctors • Justice Pesticides • League Against Obesity • PRIARTEM • Environment Health Network • Citizen Sciences • SFCD - the union of women dental surgeons SOS-MCS • UFC-Que Choisir • Warrior Enguerrand • WECF France

Download the letter addressed to President Emmanuel Macron

Link to Réseau Environnement Santé , at the origin of this approach.

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