Doubling of the duration of the AJPP: the law of Paul Christophe adopted - 26 nov. 2020

In recent weeks, with several comrades from Grandir Sans Cancer , Eva pour la vie worked with MP Paul Christophe, drafter and rapporteur of the bill aiming to double the duration of the AJPP (daily parental presence allowance) and to make its renewal simpler, fairer. Indeed, some families of children suffering from cancer and leukemia whose treatment duration can exceed 310 days found themselves in great difficulty.

We are delighted that this text was voted unanimously in the Social Affairs Committee, then in the hemicycle of the National Assembly on November 26, 2020 (97 votes FOR, 0 against).

We have also made proposals so that the problem of access to information (for families, administrations, social workers), and the effective delay in payment of aid is greatly improved.


Legal text:
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