Financial support for masks, hydroalcoholic gels for families of sick children - 02 mai 2020

For several years, Eva pour la vie has provided emergency financial support to families of sick children (cancer and other serious pathologies) facing increased costs and often reduced resources. Faced with COVID19, Eva pour la vie has decided to reimburse the costs of purchasing masks and hydroalcoholic gel to families of sick children, so that this material aspect is not an additional concern.

To benefit from this help, you simply need to provide the information indicated in the following file:

The aid is granted in an accelerated and simplified manner, up to a limit of € 300 for 2 months.
It can be combined with other social assistance requests.

Safety tips :
We advise you to contact your doctor in order to choose the masks suited to your child's situation. These are only useful if they are worn correctly. Do not hesitate to consult the tutorial of the Ministry of Health .

Regarding the hydroalcoholic gel, we remind that it must be used with caution and moderation, especially in children. If the hydroalcoholic gel disinfects and can be useful in public places (public transport) it does not clean the hands. If you have a faucet close at hand, wash it thoroughly with soap and water.

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