Temporary housing assistance for families of sick children near the hospital - 14 avril 2020

Following the closure of several parents' homes for health reasons (COVID19), we intervene during the confinement period with our supporters (individuals, professionals such as Airbnb) to help families of children hospitalized (including in day hospitals ) to benefit from free temporary accommodation near the hospital. The conditions are simple: live more than 1 hour or more than 120 kilometers from it and that the duration of the treatments is greater than 3 days ...

With COVID2019, the situation of families of sick or disabled children having to undergo medical treatment in hospital can prove to be even more complicated than usual: several “parents' houses”, economical solutions and close to hospitals, are closed. However, it is not possible for the families of sick children who live far from the hospital to travel several hundred kilometers every day, especially since public transport solutions are severely impaired: housing temporary near it - for a period ranging from a few days to several months - is more essential than ever. Unfortunately, this can be an insurmountable burden.

Faced with this reality, the Eva pour la vie association decided to mobilize elected officials & act urgently, thanks to donations made but also, with the support of individuals (registered or not on the Airbnb platform) & service providers in order to to provide free - partially or totally - temporary accommodation (in France) for families meeting the following criteria :

  • Dependent child (under 21 years old) suffering from a pathology or a serious handicap who must be admitted to a hospital service (including day hospital) for a period ranging from 3 days to several months
  • Family residing more than 120 kilometers or more than an hour (under normal traffic conditions) from the hospital offering treatment


Functioning :

  • The family makes a request by email to contact@evapourlavie.com providing the requested information and supporting documents (list below)
  • We are looking, with our partners, for accommodation (hotel room for short periods, or apartment for longer periods). If no accommodation is available with our partners, and if the applicant has a quote, we can consider specific financial support.
  • We respond to any complete request within 72 hours

Download the temporary accommodation support file
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