Pediatric Cancers Symposium at the National Assembly - 12 févr. 2020

Wednesday, February 12, Stéphane Vedrenne, co-founder of Eva pour la vie and Growing up without cancer, spoke with numerous associations, researchers and increasingly numerous deputies at the Pediatric Cancers Colloquium organized at the National Assembly. A unique and unifying initiative, in a packed house ...

In the program :

- Report on the use of the 5 million € / year released at the end of 2018, the need for more resources, more transparency of the Inca

- Financial support for families during illness or following death , both for cancers, disabilities and for any accident of life. The extension of parental leave was also mentioned

- The need to set up a status of protected parents . We discussed, together, the news on bereavement leave, the death benefit, but we also wish that we better protect those who fight!

- Reimbursement of treatments and therapies not covered and yet prescribed by oncopediatricians.

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