Feedback on the INCa "Pediatric Cancers" seminar - 22 sept. 2019

On Saturday September 22, Stéphane Vedrenne (co-founder of Eva pour la vie & de Grandir Sans Cancer) presented, with Dr Jacqueline Clavel (INSERM, internationally renowned epidemiologist), Dr Elise Quurez (Grandir Sans Cancer) and Jérôme Foucault (INCa) the work carried out within the "development and environmental causes of pediatric cancers" working group.

This working and action group was created under our leadership, as part of the use of the 5 million euros / year of funds dedicated to research on childhood cancer, voted at the end of 2018.

Indeed, beyond research to cure more, prevention is undoubtedly the means which offers the most possibilities to reduce pediatric cancers. 2,550 children / year are diagnosed in France, several tens of thousands in Europe: these figures have never declined.

Better understanding, in order to promote prevention - particularly environmental prevention - is the source of the greatest progress in terms of the fight against childhood cancer.

Our goals for 2020 are as follows:

Systematically offer each family whose child has just been diagnosed with cancer to answer an epidemiological questionnaire. To date, this process has only been carried out for 10 to 20% of families.

Take and store biological samples (blood, hair, tumor if operable, etc.) by combining them with environmental samples on site (living areas)

Make compulsory (by law) the transmission of all information to the national register of childhood cancer within an acceptable timeframe in order to facilitate the work of researchers

Create an interactive mapping aimed at enabling researchers to conduct research on environmental risk factors and their impacts on health. And parents, to be better informed.

Madam Minister of Research Frédérique Vidal (who, like us, insists on the need to decompartmentalise research), the president of INCa Norbert Ifrah, the director general of INCa Thierry Breton and the deputy Laurianne Rossi (very involved with us in this fight) were attentive.

At the end of our conclusions, the reactions were numerous. The whistleblower Marie Thibault, of the collective “stop the cancers of our children” revealed information which leaves no doubt as to the environmental responsibility of the number of pediatric cancers recorded in recent years in Sainte Pazanne, near Nantes. We support his approach.

We would like to thank the various speakers and the many associations present for their involvement. You can count on our unwavering determination to intervene at all levels of this fight, to protect children and their families.

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