Bill to help families of deceased children - 15 mai 2019

The co-founder of Eva pour la vie spoke at the press conference of François Ruffin, who presented a bill guaranteeing a public death benefit to any parent of a deceased child, whatever the cause. On the same model of what already exists, paid by the CPAM, for the spouses of deceased salaried adults (3450 €). But that excludes, to date, minors.

4,500 children and adolescents die each year in France from an illness, an accident, a suicide or a murder. Tragedies for families, friends. And often, a lack of resources: not a single week goes by without Eva pour la vie helping people in difficulty following the death of their child.

Eva pour la vie participated - helped by experts - in the development of this text carried by the deputy François Ruffin and in this press conference, just like Sonia Papillon . This young woman recalled that in addition to fighting for her son Evan (who has one) and who every month saves - with his limited means - for something unimaginable: to pay the funeral of her child.

We hope that this fair proposal will be debated and voted on quickly, or that it will be taken up by the elected representatives of the majority, knowing that it suffices to correct a single article of the social security code to remedy this injustice.

Proposed law:

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