Great debate, childhood cancers: Corinne Vedrenne exchanges with Mr Macron and Mrs Schiappa - 28 févr. 2019

The president of the association Eva pour la vie, intervened in the framework of the great national debate in Bordeaux. She spoke, in a nice speech to the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron, and Marlène Schiappa, the problems of oncopediatric research, the non-financial support of "last chance" treatments outside of the Europe (unlike Italy or Germany), inadequate support for families (especially in the event of death) and the quality of care and support for sick children, which varies considerably from one establishment to another.

We invite you to listen to his intervention and the response of Mr Macron, which deserves further study.

Our association has always made, and will always do - with the Grandir Sans Cancer Federation, an unparalleled grouping of 80 associations and numerous researchers on French soil - the choice of in-depth, studious and independent work, for the benefit of what there is. more precious: the lives of children and their families.

For those who would have missed it (even if it was present on 2 channels, BFM and CNEWS last night), here is the replay of his speech, and the president's response, on youtube: watch? v = InW69FYAIDo & list = PL1jj0OdqfR6QpEGCpH7E0e44F-j-MVEHX & index = 4

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