Working meeting at the INCA - 29 nov. 2018

Stéphane Vedrenne, co-founder of Eva pour la vie and Stéphanie Ville, president of Aidons Marina were invited to a substantive meeting at the National Cancer Institute dealing with research on pediatric cancers, in the presence of other associations (league, bow, unapecle, childhood and cancers, sfce, Laurette Fugain, Imagine for Margo).

A meeting of free exchanges, sometimes very frank but healthy clarifications. The current dynamic at the financial level (5 million euros / year recently allocated to research on pediatric cancers, knowing that the objective remains to increase this amount and include it in the LOI) and even, mentalities seems to be going in the right direction, although we remain vigilant. In January 2019, we will submit a detailed dossier of detailed recommendations, worked out in partnership with the associations of the Grandir Sans Cancer federation, as well as the scientific community involved in pediatric cancer research.

You can count on us to carry out all possible actions to accelerate research on pediatric cancers, and that families be helped with dignity.

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