Motion for a resolution by deputy Jean-Christophe Lagarde - 05 déc. 2018

Stéphane Vedrenne, Steeve de Matos and Pascaline Meyer, accompanied by a courageous mother, Sonia, as well as researchers went to a press conference by deputy Jean-Christophe Lagarde, within the National Assembly, on the fight against childhood cancers.

This deputy - who was the first in France to commit to the problem of childhood cancer - defends a consensual but effective resolution proposal, in order to encourage the government to create a law guaranteeing a dedicated fund of 20 million euros / year (or 15 million additional to the 5 million voted recently) on this research, while leaving the choice of method. We hope that it will be adopted in 2019, in order to guarantee that all the means necessary for this research are available.

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