Rejection of Benoit Simian's amendment: our reaction - 23 oct. 2017

The amendment proposed by the deputy of the Gironde Benoit Simian - whom we thank for his unwavering involvement - aiming to allocate 20 million euros / year to the funding of research on pediatric cancer & leukemia (via the Chirac tax on plane tickets, which already exist and would therefore not have generated a new tax) was discussed overnight from Saturday to Sunday - around 2 a.m. - at the National Assembly.

It was shockingly rejected by the government, through its spokesperson Christophe Castaner, who had traveled especially for this, as well as by the "socialist" party, represented by Olivier Faure.

Even if this rejection is not excusable, and even if one may be surprised at the late hour of the debate (in the middle of the weekend), after a surprisingly long break in the session, the government's response seems to put in evidence of a significant "technical" lack of understanding of this amendment, which could explain its rejection.

We will therefore take stock, in the next 48 hours, of this situation with those concerned, knowing that other avenues remain open. And act, with the 50 associations involved in this process, since this is the kind of fight in which we must persevere, until victory. For our children, your children.

Reminder of the text here:

Watch the video of the debates on Benoit Simian's amendment ( creation of a fund dedicated to research on childhood cancer )

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