Eva for the guest life of Cash Investigation - 15 févr. 2018

Because more children need to be treated, but a real prevention policy must ALSO be put in place, Eva pour la vie has decided to finance the HAPPI study, aimed at looking for pesticides in room dust. 'children, schools. Places of nurtured lives where our children should feel safe.

We made this choice, ensuring that the analyzes are carried out in a credible manner. For example, by not carrying out analyzes too close to the vines. The results - from 11 to 21 pesticides, several of which have been banned for more than 10 years - shocked us. And pushed to accept interview requests, including that of the editor-in-chief of Cash Investigation, who interviewed Stéphane Vedrenne, co-founder of Eva for Life, and Eva's dad (around minute 30 of the show ).

The state must commit to funding pediatric research. But it must ALSO, and this is strictly complementary, to commit to reducing the number of children diagnosed with cancer, and diseases where environmental factors are not innocent. We will have the opportunity to talk about this aspect again in the next few days.

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