Pink October Music Party - 22 oct. 2016

Saturday, October 22 at Sin le Noble (59) - Friends of the North and Hauts de France, artists with a heart as big as their talent meet you for a great concert ...
Musical evening on October 22 from 8 p.m., Salle Henri Martel in Sin Le Noble (North). Organized by Anne Waaktar Reeves, Joëlle Louvet and NAthalie Durand, for the benefit of the associations Eva pour la vie and Espaces Ressources Cancers.

On the program: Benoit Anton, Antony Bellicourt, Atena, Anthony Delloye, Erick Miolo, Marc Kesler, Alvin Point, Bruno Sauty, Remi Ansel, Arnaud Bruni.

Prices: 12 euros adult; 5th child -12 years old. Info:
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