Christmas events & shows 2015 - 01 déc. 2015

In December 2015, there were many sporting, cultural, recreational events ... to support Eva for life, initiated by people who have a heart. 2 Christmas markets were organized in Mérignac by the Mérignacaise scrapbooking association, and a family meal / show near Paris.

Yohanie, who lives near Paris, did not know Eva; on the other hand, her friend Mélanie lost her little Lucie to a brain tumor. Yoha denies had an idea full of generosity: to organize a Christmas show / meal for her family and friends and ask the guests to make - instead of a gift - a donation to the association. A real success and a lot of emotion!

Philippe and Sylvie - as well as their son Clément - knew Eva well from an early age. They are one of those true friends, discreet but able to be there, even in the worst of times. For example, when you have to "choose" a monument for your own child ... Philippe and Sylvie have, with the support of Christelle, who chairs a very nice Scrapbooking association, decided to organize 2 events in Mérignac, near de Bordeaux, as part of the Christmas markets.

There too, a real success, and a reminder to local elected officials (senators and deputies) who had come. This time, we are counting on their involvement to win our fight for a law guaranteeing dedicated funding for research on pediatric cancers, and help to families of sick children.

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