Awareness morning at the Cénac school (33) - 17 sept. 2015

Corinne Vedrenne, president of Eva pour la vie, participated in a morning of awareness raising for the students of the Cénac school group (PS to CM2). Two days later, on September 19, a market and a flashmob were organized for the benefit of the Eva pour la vie association, during the "harvest festival". A magnificent moment of solidarity with hundreds of participants.
On the morning of September 14, Emma, Aurélie and Corinne (Eva's mother) met all the children from the Cénac school (near Bordeaux, Gironde) from Middle Section to CM2, in order to talk to them about the association "Eva pour la vie", with words adapted to their ages. In front of attentive audiences, we were able to convey the notions of solidarity and tolerance. Questions were coming from all sides!

Everyone was eager to take part, the following Saturday, in a big march and a "flashmob" to support children suffering from cancer. A magnificent moment of solidarity!
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