Monaco: promising talks - 01 sept. 2014

The Flavien & Eva Foundation for Life were recently invited by the Minister of State & the President of the National Council of Monaco to discuss the situation of children with cancer ...
During these 2 meetings in the Principality, we noticed a real political will, essential to advance the cause of children with cancer and rare diseases.

In addition to local issues, we have carried out a precise "inventory", both in terms of research and therapeutic progress - extremely low for 30 years on cancers specific to children.

It was well understood that only children with cancers responding to "adult treatments" had a serious chance of being cured, while the others (the 30% who did not heal) were largely forgotten by research, for far too long. a long time, for purely financial reasons.

We have provided details concerning the new French "Cancer Plan", which does not provide for concrete measures to guarantee dedicated funding for research on childhood cancer, both for prevention and for the development of appropriate treatments. We also insisted on the need to individualize the treatments in cases where the existing protocols were ineffective.

This inventory has strongly challenged the Minister of State and the President of the National Council of Monaco, who will quickly study - in active collaboration with the Flavien Foundation (Monaco) and the Eva for Life Association - the establishment concrete measures so that children with cancers & rare diseases are given priority.

We - we parents of deceased children and association decision makers - can only rejoice in such a deeply human and proactive listening.

We hope that Monaco, which has often been avant-garde, will take measures which will, tomorrow, be an example for the whole of Europe, to guarantee children one of the most basic rights there is: to be able to be protected against worst diseases.

We would like to thank the Minister of State Mr Michel ROGER, the President of the National Council Mr Laurent NOUVION as well as all the speakers who will allow us to move forward together, for all the children.
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