04 juin 2016

Beaumont (Puy-de-Dôme) - Contest for artistic creation of costumes and disguises

Saturday June 4, 2016, village hall of Beaumont (63, near Clermont-Ferrant) - The A Tout Coeur association is organizing a “Contest for artistic creation of costumes and disguises”, open to amateurs and professionals, holders of a diploma in tailoring and / or professional experience in the field of fashion or tailoring. As part of Fêt'Estival.

22 mai 2016

Les Ageux (Oise) - Frette hike 2016

Sunday 22/05/2016 - Hike with info stand and team of walkers in Eva colors for life

23 avril 2016

Concert against childhood cancer in Valence (Drôme)

A concert was organized with many talented French rock & song artists, for the benefit of research on childhood cancer. With live: HÉO DIDIER, CÉCILIA PASCAL, LOÏSE, CYRIELLE, TYPHAINE and POWERAGE TRIBUTE ACDC ...

17 avril 2016

3rd ENDURO OF LIFE WATCHERS in Gemenos (13)

Sunday April 17, 2016, in GEMENOS near MARSEILLE, a GREAT RACE, bringing together several hundred people, took place for children with cancer and leukemia: the 3rd ENDURO DES WATCHERS OF LIFE, for the benefit of Laughing Doctor and Eva for life.

01 janv. 2016

Theater in Vendée: "the succession is assured" in favor of Eva for life

From January to June 2016, several dates - They are young, they are artists and they have a heart: the VOCASCENE troupe performs several performances of the family comedy "the succession is assured", written and directed by Ambroise Gasnet, whose profits will be donated to Eva for life.

12 déc. 2015

Cabaret evening in Angy (60)

On December 12, 2015, the RAID GIRLS organized a spectacular cabaret evening at the village hall in Angy (50 km north of Paris). Many professional artists participated on a voluntary basis, in front of a full room, in order to support the association "Eva pour la vie" which fights against childhood cancer.

01 déc. 2015

Christmas events & shows 2015

In December 2015, there were many sporting, cultural, recreational events ... to support Eva for life, initiated by people who have a heart. 2 Christmas markets were organized in Mérignac by the Mérignacaise scrapbooking association, and a family meal / show near Paris.

06 oct. 2015

Bali - Raid l'Arbre Vert: a team in Eva colors for life

From October 6 to 16, 2015, the "team raid girls" was in Bali to participate in the Raid Arbre Vert. A great opportunity for these Amazons to wear Eva's colors loud and clear for life, to inform about the fight we are leading against childhood cancer and to collect donations.

17 sept. 2015

Awareness morning at the Cénac school (33)

Corinne Vedrenne, president of Eva pour la vie, participated in a morning of awareness raising for the students of the Cénac school group (PS to CM2). Two days later, on September 19, a market and a flashmob were organized for the benefit of the Eva pour la vie association, during the "harvest festival". A magnificent moment of solidarity with hundreds of participants.

25 juin 2015

VPN night in Mérignac (33)

VPN Mérignac inaugurated its new concession. A raffle was organized for the benefit of Eva for life

13 juin 2015

1st Marseille Handicap race in Marseille (13)

The Notre Vie Sociale association organized a charity race at Parc Borély in Marseille for the benefit of disability and research on pediatric cancer (with the association Eva pour la vie). A beautiful moment of solidarity between able-bodied and disabled.

06 juin 2015

Great south-west (on 10 sites) - Solidarity walks

On June 6 and 7, 2015, 10 “Solidarity Walks” were organized by the Groupama Foundation, in partnership with Eva pour la vie, in the Great South West, in magnificent settings.

31 mai 2015

Frette hike (60)

On Sunday May 31, 2015, the FR des Ageux cycling club, a town located in the Oise, 54 km north of Paris, offered to join the La Frette hike. An information stand and a team of walkers in the Eva pour la vie colors were present at this event.

30 mai 2015

La Ballanaise Race (37)

On Saturday May 30, 2015, a great race was organized on the shores of Lac des Bretonnières for the 10th edition of the Ballanaise, THE friendly female race in Touraine. Part of the profits were donated to the Eva pour la vie association.

28 mai 2015

No Finish Line in Paris (75)

Run or walk in Eva's colors for life, on a 1.4 km circuit in Paris, around the Champ de Mars, open 24 hours a day, as many times as desired and as many kilometers as desired, this is the proposal that you can enjoy. was made, from Thursday 28 to Sunday 31 May 2015.

17 avril 2015


Le vendredi 17 avril 2015 à 20h30, les artistes marseillais se mobilisaient pour les enfants atteints de cancers en organisant une soirée inédite alliant humour et musique dans l’une des plus belles salles de la ville ...

04 déc. 2014


Jeudi 4 décembre dès 20h, le Théâtre de Longjumeau, près de Paris, accueille un spectacle alliant musique, humour, magie et danse en faveur d'EVA POUR LA VIE. Un bon moyen de soutenir la recherche sur les cancers pédiatriques tout en passant une bonne soirée !

02 nov. 2014


Une première dans la région PACA ! Dimanche 2 novembre 2014, des dizaines d'enfants rouleront, en trottinette, vélo ou rollers (ou même à pied) contre le cancer dans le cadre exceptionnel de l'Esplanade Elysée Reclus, la Promenade du Soleil à MENTON (de 10h à 16h)

28 juin 2014

Trott'n'roll à LONGJUMEAU

Une première en Ile-de-France ! Samedi 28 juin, des dizaines d'enfants rouleront, en trottinette et rollers, contre le cancer dans un cadre exceptionnel, sur les allées du Parc des sports Langrenay à Longjumeau (15 km de Paris).