More than 60 associations support us

Because they defend the interests and rights of the child, these associations support and relay our approach, for the implementation of a law in favor of children with cancer.

Politicians get involved

Under the leadership of Eva pour la vie and associations committed to a law for sick children, in-depth work on pediatric cancers was carried out from the end of 2015, until May 2017, at the National Assembly, after the rejection of the LAGARDE law relating to pediatric oncology, with the study group chaired by the deputy MARTINE FAURE. Quality work, which we hope to see taken over by the MACRON government

Personalities support us!

Sportsmen, journalists, singers, actors ... many personalities who love children have signed our petition for a law in favor of children victims of cancer. And support us regularly ...

Our support for researchers & doctors

We support several promising research projects (epidemiological, fundamental, preclinical), led by INSERM, CNRS and university teams, which lack resources, and share our findings. Their work focuses in particular on brainstem tumors, childhood liver cancer, kidney cancer, rhabdomyosarcoma, neuroblastoma and, more broadly, on the repositioning of drugs in pediatric oncology.