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Cancer is the leading cause of death in children from disease . While one might think that these are priorities in terms of research and treatment, it is quite the opposite in France.

On certain pediatric cancers, research has not advanced for more than 30 years, for lack of profitability for pharmaceutical companies. Less than 3% of anti-cancer funds are allocated to children, who are therefore largely forgotten by research.

The findings are more or less the same for other types of incurable childhood illnesses. Finally, parents often encounter serious social difficulties, which can be easily resolved.

That is why we are asking for the study of a bill dealing with the following themes:

- Set up public research funding dedicated to pediatric cancer & leukemia , in the amount of 20 million euros, guaranteed by law. An equivalent amount would also be allocated to other incurable childhood illnesses. Several possible funding methods have been identified.

- Facilitate the individualization of treatments , in particular in the case of diseases where there is no curative therapy. Collaboration with international colleagues whose medical approach could bring results must be facilitated.

- Improve the quality of reception & treatment of children in hospitals . The establishment of regular independent audits in pediatric departments, with the collaboration of associations and above all, of the families of patients would make it possible to provide assistance to staff and patients, and to prevent possible abuses.

- Reform the daily parental presence allowance for parents of seriously ill children , in order to increase it to the level of the minimum wage or to 80% of the salary. In addition, we are asking for the extension of the death benefit for those under 18 (this measure already exists for the beneficiaries of deceased employees, unemployed etc ..., up to € 3,400 paid by the CPAM)