20 nov. 2016

Strides from the airport on 20/11/2016 - Drancy - le Bourget

Nearly 600 runners were present for these strides with the presence of Eva for life.

17 nov. 2016

Raid des Alizés in Martinique - November 17 to 20, 2016

Coralie, Laure and Axelle worthily wore Eva's colors for life during this magnificent event! Good job girls !

22 oct. 2016

Pink October Music Party

Saturday, October 22 at Sin le Noble (59) - Friends of the North and Hauts de France, artists with a heart as big as their talent meet you for a great concert ...

18 sept. 2016

Women of heart - Sunday, September 18, 2016 (Nogent sur Oise, 60)

Sunday, September 18, 2016 - The athletics club in the city of Nogent sur Oise (60) is organizing the 3rd edition of this 100% female race to support Eva pour la vie & Princess Margot, who are fighting against childhood cancer. ..

26 août 2016

The great Raid of the Pyrenees (65)

From August 26 to 28, 2016, 5 runners with a big heart took part in the "Grand Raid des Pyrénées" while representing our association "Eva pour la vie". The team, made up of Benoît DUFOULON, Didier PHILIPPE, Karim DAHMANE, Laurent CARLADOUS and Michel ALQUIER then decided to call for donations, by selling 5 euros each of the 83 km traveled ...

21 août 2016

Colored St Marcelloise Race - St Marcel d'Ardèche (07)

Sunday August 21, 2016 in St Marcel d'Ardèche, a colorful 5 km race, open to all, was organized. A portion of the proceeds was donated to Eva for life. The St Marcelloise Color Tour is a colorful race of 5 kms, which has entertained hundreds of participants with its colorful atmosphere, its music, its walk in the heart of the village and in the vineyards.

26 juil. 2016

"Summer village" Tuesday July 26 at Lieuvillers (60)

Located between Clermont de l'oise and St Just en Chaussée, the charming village of Lieuvillers offers you a day of conviviality and solidarity, since part of the profits will be donated to Eva for life.

26 juin 2016

Rhythmic Paris (75)

On June 26th, the rhythmic gymnastics association "Paris Rythmique" organized an international tournament at the Charpy gymnasium, located within the Charléty complex in PARIS. It thus welcomed around ten delegations from France and abroad. On the sidelines of the competition, a gala was offered for the benefit of the association "Eva pour la vie" in tribute to our little Eva who loved the GRS and its ribbons so much ...

17 juin 2016

Cenac en Danse (33)

Friday June 17 at 8:30 p.m. in Cénac (Gironde), the local dance school offered the magnificent show "Shadow and light", one of the dances of which was dedicated to Eva. The profits of the evening were donated to our association. Thank you to Marie-Pierre, Stéphanie, Emma and the children for this moving evening ...

05 juin 2016

2nd Marseille Handicap Race in Marseille (13)

On June 5, 2016, the Notre Vie Sociale association organized a charity race on the Esplanade du MUCEM in MARSEILLE for the benefit of disability and research on pediatric cancers (with the association Eva pour la vie & Gueriduncancer). A beautiful moment of solidarity between able-bodied and disabled, in a magnificent setting ...

05 juin 2016

Great south-west (on 10 sites) - Solidarity walks

On Sunday June 5, 2016, the “Solidarity Walks” are organized by the Groupama Foundation, in partnership with Eva pour la vie, in 10 departments of the Grand Sud Ouest region, in magnificent settings.

04 juin 2016

Beaumont (Puy-de-Dôme) - Contest for artistic creation of costumes and disguises

Saturday June 4, 2016, village hall of Beaumont (63, near Clermont-Ferrant) - The A Tout Coeur association is organizing a “Contest for artistic creation of costumes and disguises”, open to amateurs and professionals, holders of a diploma in tailoring and / or professional experience in the field of fashion or tailoring. As part of Fêt'Estival.

22 mai 2016

Les Ageux (Oise) - Frette hike 2016

Sunday 22/05/2016 - Hike with info stand and team of walkers in Eva colors for life

23 avril 2016

Concert against childhood cancer in Valence (Drôme)

A concert was organized with many talented French rock & song artists, for the benefit of research on childhood cancer. With live: HÉO DIDIER, CÉCILIA PASCAL, LOÏSE, CYRIELLE, TYPHAINE and POWERAGE TRIBUTE ACDC ...

17 avril 2016

3rd ENDURO OF LIFE WATCHERS in Gemenos (13)

Sunday April 17, 2016, in GEMENOS near MARSEILLE, a GREAT RACE, bringing together several hundred people, took place for children with cancer and leukemia: the 3rd ENDURO DES WATCHERS OF LIFE, for the benefit of Laughing Doctor and Eva for life.

01 janv. 2016

Theater in Vendée: "the succession is assured" in favor of Eva for life

From January to June 2016, several dates - They are young, they are artists and they have a heart: the VOCASCENE troupe performs several performances of the family comedy "the succession is assured", written and directed by Ambroise Gasnet, whose profits will be donated to Eva for life.

12 déc. 2015

Cabaret evening in Angy (60)

On December 12, 2015, the RAID GIRLS organized a spectacular cabaret evening at the village hall in Angy (50 km north of Paris). Many professional artists participated on a voluntary basis, in front of a full room, in order to support the association "Eva pour la vie" which fights against childhood cancer.

01 déc. 2015

Christmas events & shows 2015

In December 2015, there were many sporting, cultural, recreational events ... to support Eva for life, initiated by people who have a heart. 2 Christmas markets were organized in Mérignac by the Mérignacaise scrapbooking association, and a family meal / show near Paris.

06 oct. 2015

Bali - Raid l'Arbre Vert: a team in Eva colors for life

From October 6 to 16, 2015, the "team raid girls" was in Bali to participate in the Raid Arbre Vert. A great opportunity for these Amazons to wear Eva's colors loud and clear for life, to inform about the fight we are leading against childhood cancer and to collect donations.

17 sept. 2015

Awareness morning at the Cénac school (33)

Corinne Vedrenne, president of Eva pour la vie, participated in a morning of awareness raising for the students of the Cénac school group (PS to CM2). Two days later, on September 19, a market and a flashmob were organized for the benefit of the Eva pour la vie association, during the "harvest festival". A magnificent moment of solidarity with hundreds of participants.